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Q. What is Senior Relocation Services?

Senior Relocation Services also known as Senior Move Management are services provided to older adults to help them relocate and downsize with as little stress as possible! Our proven system can minimize stress and save our clients’ money by educating them on the most efficient way to organize their belongings and live clutter free. We can assist with some services or all. We do professional organizing, sorting, space planning, packing, moving, unpacking, make beds, set up electronics, hang art, place decorative items, put belongings away and we even help ready your condo or house for the market!


Q. How do I know which company to use to help me relocate or a loved one relocate?

Downsizeology™ is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. This organization has guidelines to ensure its members follow ethical and safety standards while performing duties to help Older Adults relocate. Downsizeology™ is also a Certified Estate Liquidator and Certified Appraiser. We can handle all of your needs when you need to downsize in state or out of state. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.


Q. How long will it take you to move myself or my parent who needs your services?

That all depends on you or your loved one’s needs. We will work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs.


Q. What is the process of moving myself or a loved one?

We will speak with you over the phone and schedule an appointment. We will learn your situation and goals and determine what the best course of action is to ensure all of your goals are met. We will sit down with you and provide a realistic expectation of all services rendered to include moving dates and scheduling, property downsizing and what’s next. Most moves can be accomplished in 3 days or less.


Then we will discuss pricing and how we are the best option. We offer a discount for the services we provide through purchase of any valuables you may have.

Our team will come in, complete the move and settle you in to your new place. It’s that easy.

Q. What is estate liquidation?

Estate liquidation involves the complete sale of all personal property an individual owns. If you need assistance with this for yourself or a loved one, please contact Downsizeology as we specialize in Estate Liquidation services. We are trusted and recommended by financial planners, attorneys, real estate agents, assisted living facilities, funeral homes and community associations. We have a large network of professionals to assist with all of your needs.


Q. How much does estate liquidation cost?

Downsizeology will work with you to develop an affordable plan to perform your estate liquidation services. We can do everything for you or just the services you request. Make an appointment or give us a call to request a quote from us today.


Q. Do I have to be a certain age to use your services for moving & relocation help?

No. While we prefer to focus on older adults as they are our #1 priority, we will also assist persons of any age and businesses downsize too! We truly enjoy helping people focus on what’s important in their lives and if our services can help provide relief, we are thrilled to help!


Q. What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is a sale held to resell a portion of the personal property of a person who is deceased, or who must resell their personal property to facilitate a move. We can do partial or whole estate sales and have excellent accounting records to detail the entire sale. Usually our clients have moved or downsized and have furniture items that are left over. We can do a partial estate sale to sell the items so you have the financial resources you need.


Q. Why should I have an estate sale?

The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of a loved one or the need to downsize. An older family member may be moving into a retirement community, back home with family or to a smaller residence and might be unable to take all of their personal property with them. Family members or friends may have no room to house or store the bulk of the estate left by the deceased or older adult that must downsize. They may simply lack space to keep those belongings or they may be employed full-time and be unable to spend the time required for a successful estate sale. Our clients also do not want the added monthly expense of placing items in storage. Having an estate sale will provide much needed financial resources for the excess personal property. Also, problems arise when the survivors of the deceased cannot agree to the disposition of tangible property. In this case, a court may order those goods to be sold in an estate sale with the proceeds to be divided between the survivors. Such a sale may also be mandated in the will of the deceased.


Q. Why hire an estate sale company?

The presence of a professional company may be necessary because the scope of the sale process is likely to be overwhelming to the survivors. Furthermore, an estate sale company often has a large loyal following of dealers, collectors and public. A specific estate sale company may be familiar to buyers who have been coming to their sales for years. These buyers trust that the estate sale professionals at this company will price wisely and fairly, and steer the buyers toward their special needs and interests. An estate sale professional has the specialist’s knowledge and experience in pricing antique items plus the general value knowledge of all types of household goods and personal property items. A professional estate sale company can dispose of items in an unsentimental manner and can also assist in disposing of items remaining after the sale.


Q. What do estate sale companies charge?

Professional estate sale companies typically charge a percentage of the proceeds, anywhere from 35% – 45%, depending on the estimated value of the sale. Some companies charge extra for research, security, refreshments, etc.  But the majority of estate sale companies take these expenses out of their percentage. Downsizeology is different because we can offer you discounts.


Q. Does the family need to throw out items before an estate sale company comes in?

No, do not throw out, donate or sell anything before contacting Downsizeology.  We will sort, price and merchandise items. We will decide what has value and give you a full explanation why.  You might be surprised at what will sell and how we can work with you to reduce the cost of the overall sale. Working with a certified estate liquidator and certified personal property appraiser will ensure you get the most for your belongings in an estate sale.


Q. What about family heirlooms and personal items?

Generally, once terms have been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, nothing of value can be removed from the home.  Family members must remove family heirlooms and not-for-sale items before an estate sale company comes in to begin their work.  Personal items found during sorting and set-up will be returned to the family by Downsizeology. We take pride in ensuring our clients are satisfied with our services.


Q. Should an estate sale company be licensed or certified in some way?

Downsizeologyis a certified Estate Liquidator through the American Society of Estate Liquidators. Definitely use a company that is certified.


Q. How long does an estate sale take?

Generally, once a contract has been signed, we can complete a sale within 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of sorting and set-up involved.  A larger house with more items for sale simply takes longer. Actual sale days usually range from 2-3 days.  For larger estates a 3-day sale might be required whereas a smaller estate might require only 2 days. If you have specific requirements and want a 1-day only sale combined with an Open House for your property, just let us know. We are very flexible!


Q. Do I have to be present on sale days?

Downsizeology will be happy to see you during set-up and immediately after the close of the sale, but you are not required to be present at all. We can handle everything for you.


Q. Should I wait until the house sells before calling an estate sale company?

No, most estate sale companies are booked weeks or even months in advance.  Call Downsizeology as soon as possible.  Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done.  And a clean, open house will have the advantage of selling better. We can even show your property during the estate sale. This attracts many potential buyers as we have a large list of collectors, estate sale buyers, dealers and area residents to show the house to during the sale.


Q. Do you need to have a lot of things to sell?

In order to have a successful estate sale, you usually need to have furniture, appliances, household goods, kitchenware, decorative items, clothing, books, linens, electronics, tools, etc. People who shop at estate sales expect to find a whole house full of items to purchase.  Antiques and collectibles are also helpful but not absolutely necessary. If you find that you want to employ Downsizeology to do a partial estate sale because you only have items like furniture, we can bring our own inventory to make it a successful estate sale. This is a highly sought after service that most other companies cannot fulfill if you do not have the items to sell yourself. Downsizeology is different from other estate sale companies for this reason too. Our ultimate goal is to get the most money from the sale for your personal property.


Q. What types of junk do you remove?

Downsizeology is certified in hauling solid waste within the county. We will remove most items found on our junk removal list. We do not remove hazardous materials and will provide a sheet for you to learn how to properly dispose of these items. We can do a complete clean out of the apartment, condominium, home or business with a deep clean to ensure it is ready for the next occupant. Call us for a quote today!


Q. How do you charge to remove the junk / trash?

We charge a flat rate fee to remove junk, debris or trash. We specialize in hoarders / pack rats too without the added expense of charging by the pound, which several junk removal companies do. Downsizeology is different from other companies in that we can discount our prices depending on other services you may need. We are a full service company that can purchase individual items or the entire estate, provide senior relocation services, do clean-outs of the property to ready the house to be sold and discount the price based on overall services done. See the difference in Downsizeology, give us a call today!


We look forward to serving you!

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If you feel overwhelmed and need the assistance of a company that will exceed your expectations, schedule an appointment today and we’ll take care of the downsizing process so you can relax. We look forward to serving you.


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