Downsizing or rightsizing your household can be a fun thing and help you live a healthier life. Rather than look at areas of clutter in your home or disorganized piles of stuff that need to be organized, yet you can’t find the time…hire a professional downsizing company to do it for you! Live a clutter free, safer, happy life in your beautiful home. Downsizeology is a professional downsizing company that has several systems and processes in place to show you the easiest and quickest way to live clutter free. We enjoy our work because we know it serves the community with much needed help when it comes to living a healthier, stress-free life when you are not worrying about to do projects.

If you are like many of our clients with storage units of your belongings and extra rooms full to the brim of items you want to clean out to downsize, give us a call at 941-981-0160. We’ll help you decide what to keep, what to dispose of and what to pass on to family and friends too. As certified estate liquidators and certified personal property appraisers, you may be surprised at what items of value you may have that are just sitting there collecting dust!

One of our clients was surprised to find an extremely valuable painting that was sitting in storage that had been passed on from his parents. Before you donate or throw anything away, check with Downsizeology and their qualified staff first. We will give you a free consultation and all the options you need to finally get these projects out of the way. Rid yourself of the stress of paying for additional storage units and other expensive methods to store items you need to organize. We’ll help you and we’re one call away!